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We are passionate about reducing the mystery and fear that so often exists around finances and numbers in general.

We want to empower you with numbers that will enable you to manage your business more easily and more effectively. We believe that if we can do that then we will really be giving you time to shine.

We talk your language and try to avoid JARGON, Slogans, acronyms and goobledegook. We save that for when we deal with your accountant.

The list below is not exhaustive, but gives you an idea of what we can and do offer. Please get in touch to discuss how we may be able to add value to your business.

  • Business Management

    • Management Accounts
      An accurate snap shot of your business will enable you to see what you are doing right so that you can do it more or what you are doing less well so that you can find a way to improve.

      We provide regular, simple to understand reports specifically tailored to suit your requirements be that in numbers, graphs or charts. These may include:

         Profit and Loss account
         Balance Sheet extracts
         Aged Debtors and Creditors
         Cashflow Forecast
         Conversion Analysis
         Sales Analysis
         Budgets versus Actuals
         Project Profitability
         Ratio Analysis

      “I truly admire the skills and qualities of Tracey and Fiona. They are able to demonstrate amazing reporting, business plans and management accounts in a transparent, efficient and simplified style. They have a great sense of humour that makes any task a breeze. I will certainly look forward to working with them again.”
      Hita Yadev, Bookkeeper
    • Year End Preparation
      Miss S acts as a bridge between you and your accountant by preparing a Trial Balance and a clear and complete year-end file to help your accountant understand how your business has performed over the year. We will liaise directly with your accountant during this process and whilst they produce your statutory accounts and tax computations to make sure that we are in the best position to help you to understand what the final reports mean.

      “It's lovely when everything balances and is reconciled and the analysis of the figures is easy to see.”
      Mary Wallbank, Charity Management Services
    • VAT Returns
      It is important that VAT Returns are accurate as well as submitted and paid on time. Our flexible working hours enable us to never miss a deadline. We can handle all aspects of Value Added Tax including international trading, partial exemption and the various HMRC schemes.

      "Miss S are lovely ladies who are efficient and hard working. They have saved my life from drowning in admin and VAT and made me smile whilst they did it. Their confidence and expertise is easy to rely on. AND they have a fantastic sense of humour and are fun as well!”
      The Cynthia Corbett Gallery
    • Credit Control
      Obtaining prompt payment from your customers is like putting fuel in your tank, without it you can’t run. We help maintain your good relationships with customers so that they pay you on time and keep your business rolling. We’ll keep abreast of outstanding balances and remind customers if amounts become overdue. If necessary we can help you take further steps to recover debts via late payment legislation.

      “Tracey Ward provided my firm with excellent, accurate and efficient book keeping over a continuous period of eight years until I retired recently. It was a pleasure employing her skills and she was highly effective in chasing late payments.”
      Professor J P Stuart, Forensic Engineering Associates
      “We have been using Miss S Business Support for a number of years and have always found their service to be first class. They always work very efficiently and blend in with the rest of our company team. Their work is meticulous and extremely accurate. They have greatly reduced the time it takes for our invoices to be paid. They also provide me with very useful management advice. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”
      Lorraine Brown, Venues for Business
    • Bookkeeping
      The day to day processing of what may feel like the hundreds of pieces of paper that being in business entails, is dealt with in a systematic and organised manner.

      Some of the transactions we will handle are:

         Raising sales invoices
         Entering purchase invoices
         Preparing purchase payments
         Reconciling bank, cash and credit card accounts
         Inputting monthly depreciation, accruals, prepayment, payroll journals

      We’ll do this ensuring that there is a clear and full sign-off across the stages which will to maintain a full audit trail and minimise any risk of fraud.

      “Tracey Ward provided my firm with excellent, accurate and efficient book keeping over a continuous period of eight years until I retired recently. It was a pleasure employing her skills and she was highly effective in chasing late payments.”
      Professor J P Stuart, Forensic Engineering Associates

  • Business Planning and Analysis

    • Budgets & Projections
      Cost containment can be significantly enhanced by good budgetary control. We are experienced in setting annual budgets, built from the ground up and will regularly review them with the budget holders to make sure targets are achieved.
    • Cash Flow Forecasting
      Managing the flow of cash through your business requires a keen eye for detail and an ability to use historical data to anticipate the future. Knowing when you are likely to face lean times will enable you to take action and steer your future rather than merely respond to it.

      We will develop a detailed weekly or monthly cash flow forecast with you which you can act upon and confidently maintain, yourself or with our assistance.
    • Strategic Modelling
      To survive in business we must adapt, develop and create. When adaptation is needed Miss S can model the options for you so that you can see the financial repercussions of every choice.

      Examples of models we’ve previously developed include:

       The number of Full Time Equivalent employees that are required to man call centres at different times
       Business line diversification options for a cafe
       Full stock control systems for manufacturing and retail businesses
       Restructuring of a charitable organisation

      "I just want to say a big 'Thank you' for producing such an excellent and professional Business Plan for hArt. It's been very useful in dealing with some of the Charity Commission's queries during the registration process."
      Mary Wallbank, Charity Management Services
    • Business Planning
      A good business plan makes a good business better. Miss S know the right questions to ask to ensure your business plan is as strong as possible to make the future of your business a bright one. We have developed a system that helps keep the plan a central and active part of the business so that you and your team all work toward your aims and objectives every day. A business plan is EVERYTHING you do – not something to do and then file away.

      “Tracey produced an excellent, detailed and well structured business plan for us as a start-up charity. She conferred at length in order to ensure the right presentation of this particular organisation, and the end result has been much praised, and brought interest from potential partners as well as increasing our funding opportunities. It was invaluable to have her input at such an early stage, and she continues to provide advice as the charity grows.”
      Annie Jeffery, Hampshire Art for Recreation and Therapy (hArt)
    • Process Development
      Whether you’re a brand new business with no idea how best to record financial and operational transactions, or a business which has grown and the systems developed when you set up are buckling under the pressure and no longer deliver the work, monitor performance or account for your income and expenditure, we can help devise systems and processes that better meet your needs. We will use flow-charts, tables, checklists, procedural steps; electronically or on paper, whatever best works for you and the process.

      "Fiona joined Crocodile soon after the company was founded and played an important role in setting up our accounting and administrative systems. She was always reliable, accurate and willing to take on responsibility."
      John Parr, Crocodile RCS Ltd
    • Policy Development
      Policies can be laborious and tedious to develop or to modify but they are essential to ensure that everyone across the organisation knows where they stand, what is acceptable and what isn’t. We will work with you to write or adapt your policy documents. When laws change, your policies may need to change too. Miss S keep abreast of legislative and social changes and will use their extensive network of professionals to keep your policies compliant.
    • Change Management
      When a business expands or contracts there is a period of transition that requires careful management: employees come or go, policies need to be reviewed, training is needed, there may be new statutory requirements or a physical relocation. This is a phase of excitement but also of stress when a clear, calm head is needed to make lists, tick things off and keep all the changes on track.

      Miss S can model the different options, help in a consultative manner to find the best solutions for your organisation then develop detailed timelines and ‘project manage’ and implement the change.
    • Fraud Limitation
      We continually assess the risk of fraud to your company, ensuring that there are strict lines of authority, a clear audit trail and workable processes in place to minimise your exposure, without tying you or all your employees up in red tape.
    • Research
      Knowledge is power, so if you need to know things like how your competitors are doing, who is providing the most cost effective banking, how cloud technology can be incorporated across your organisation or what time your staff are most productive at, let us research it for you. We will then give you a straightforward report that you can act upon.

  • Business Support

    • Consultancy
      An outsider looking in can use their independent viewpoint, expertise and experience to help you find a way when you are struggling to see one. With more than 50 years’ experience between us in accounts, bookkeeping, third sector and commercial management we are well placed to help you over, round and through the challenges faced in your business.

      "Tracey’s in depth knowledge and understanding of a start-up process is priceless. She’s a helping hand that’s difficult to find in a sometimes very lonely world of working for yourself."
      Magdalena Taborska-Crowther, Personal Stylist
    • Training & Supervision
      Miss S offers bespoke, 1-2-1 and group training to meet your requirements. We have previously delivered training in budgets, payroll, VAT, bookkeeping, business planning and understanding financial statements as well as software packages.

      Experienced at senior financial management level we can also act as line manager to finance and bookkeeping staff.

      "You pitched it exactly right. A number of the ladies commented on helpful they found it and one said she went straight home and started getting things in order."
      Tina Campbell, The Flourishing Business Ltd
      "Enjoyed your break out session – very thought provoking, especially the part about clarity of long term personal objectives."
      Peter Luker, Contador Bookkeeping Service
    • Facilities Management
      We will ensure that all servicing and PAT testing requirements are met, keeping abreast of legislative changes and maintaining clear records.

      We can help you negotiate with your landlord when your lease is up for renewal.

      As supplier contracts, especially utilities and telephones, come up for renewal we will research the market and negotiate with your suppliers to get you the best deal.
    • Funding Bid Assistance
      We can assist with funding applications, particularly by ensuring that you recover the full cost of delivering the project you have obtained funding for. Full Cost Recovery is more than just the project costs – it is every penny of cost that was incurred from the light and heat to the coffees for the volunteers. Our vast experience in budgets, forecasting and in charities means that you won’t commit to a project that could cost you more to put on than you have funding for.
    • Network of Experts
      We all need to ask an expert from time to time so Miss S has a network of professionals that we can call on to provide guidance in legal, HR, fundraising, bid writing, impact measuring, copywriting and accountancy amongst others.
    • R&D Tax Relief Support
      The government offers tax relief to businesses investing in Research and Development. We can help calculate what value that relief may be worth to you and direct you to someone experienced in writing these claims.
    • HR Support
      As finance managers we are often involved in the payroll of a company and in smaller businesses we frequently become the entire payroll and HR department. Using our contacts within the HR world, we can advise on many things including employee contracts, redundancy procedures, statutory maternity pay or staff sickness, annual leave entitlement.

We are not slaves to the Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 ethos that so many Bookkeepers and Accountants still subscribe to. Our flexibility means we are available to support your requirements 7 days a week and at any time of day or evening.

Added to this we keep Skype open when we’re on our computers, whenever possible, so that clients and professionals within our support network can easily get in touch with us.